Oil-hydraulic rerailing equipment of light metal alloy

with re-pressure system


• double acting hydraulic re-pressure system (300 bar)

• fully controllable operations of lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling accurately to the  mm

• high stability of the jacks under load due to integral bottom flange

• hydraulically releasable return valves to secure the load against accidental lowering in case of pressure loss

  (e.g. hose severance)

• protection of the jacks against  overload or misoperation by means of two integral overload valves per jack

• jerk-free operation of the jacks even under full load

• reduced wear due to roller-burnished and hard-anodized contact surfaces

• computer calculated designs and use of high-strength light-metal alloy

• extensive integrated jack programme covering all normally occuring modes of application

• reliable and safe operation covering a wide temperature range of -40˚C up to +70˚C

• easy and quick connection of the individual components by means of manually screwed hose couplings with positive colour coding

• no oil leakage during coupling or uncoupling of the jacks

• couping/uncoupling also possible under load

• light rerailing bridges manufactured from profile sections which have been computer calculated and optimized as o static and dynamic properties

• operation of the entire system by one operator from the control desk so that workers need not enter the load area

• possibility to use rescue devices by means of pressure intensifiers

• passability to use pneumatically operated air bags by connecting a special hydraulically operated air compressor

• all system components are weight-optimized to ensure easy portability

Hegenscheidt MFD Rerailing System

– high safety and ease of operation

For more than 100 years, Hegenscheidt-MFD has been a reliable partner to railway organizations. The acknowledged high level of Hegenscheidt-MFD railway technique is based on continuous and close co-operation with the leading railway organizations in the world. Due to its intensive dedication to the search for solutions to overcome problems occuring with railway traffic, 1962 developed rereailing equipment has become the basis of current rerailing technique all over the world.


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